An overview of our proposed projects for 2004-2005:

The Cyberspace Gallery, Museum, Library

(CLICK HERE to see what is coming to this site) Open to everyone with a computer and access to the Internet, this web site will offer the most up to date information, AIDS research, articles and books about sex work world wide, such as the study conducted by Drs. Marina Barnard and Neil McKeganey on prostitutes in Scotland, and Dr. Janet Lever's work with the RAND corporation study on prostitutes in Los Angeles.

Additionally, it will feature the art and poetry by sex workers, past and present, as well as short video interviews with sex workers, academics and law enforcement officers worldwide. This site will undoubtedly prove to be a vital resource center for those conducting research, writing reports or theses on this important social issue.

Summer 2005 Cyberspace on-line interactive course

"Prostitution - the Myths and Realities"

(CLICK HERE for details) Available through Cal Poly, Pomona, this pilot course will be taught by Professor Laurie Shrage and Norma Jean Almodovar, and will feature a series of guest lecturers from around the world such as Dr. John Lowman, Simon Fraser Institute of Criminology, Canada, Dr. Fran Shaver, Canada, Dr. Jan Visser, The Netherlands, Xaviera Hollander (the Happy Hooker), John Fleischman - Department of Justice, Canada, and many others. This is the first Internet course to be offered of this type and will serve as the prototype for many other courses offered through ISWFACE in conjunction with universities and colleges internationally.

The North American Version of "Making Sex Work Safe"

(CLICK HERE for more details) This valuable resource book compiled by Cheryl Overs and Paolo Longo of the Network of Sex Work Projects, is now available for health service providers and outreach programs which work with prostitutes around the world. The international version was sponsored in part by the Elton John AIDS Foundation, based in London, and published by AHRTAG (Appropriate Health Resources and Technologies Action Group) an NGO also based in London. A South American Version is being compiled by Paolo Longo in Brazil and it is our goal to publish a version for North American (U.S. and Canada) in conjunction with the Canadian sex worker organization.

The International Resource Directory on Prostitution

(CLICK HERE for full details) This book, CD and on-line service will be an international directory of all current and previous research (back 25 years) on prostitution, a bibliography of books and articles on prostitution written by academics, researchers, and sex workers, as well as a listing of all sex work activists/advocacy organizations, and health and information organizations/service providers to prostitutes. The directory will contain a short biography of the individual activists, activist organizations and other groups from around the world who work with or write about prostitute related issues. It will also contain a very short synopsis of each study, who participated in the study, who funded the research, who published the results and how the study can be accessed. Also listed will be a phone/fax number, mailing and Internet addresses and a contact name for organizations.

There are anti-prostitution groups and pro-decriminalization groups, people with widely varying opinions and positions on the issue. All of them will be included in the directory with a notation of their philosophical position on prostitution for easier reference.

Additionally, the directory will contain a quick reference chart to state by state and country comparison of the laws regulating prostitution, penalties where it is illegal, how the laws are applied, and if services are available to prostitutes. A more detailed explanation of the laws and penalties will accompany the sections which list sex worker organizations and service providers for each state/country.

No other book like this currently exists. From South Africa to Moscow, New Zealand to Nova Scotia, prostitution research is an ongoing phenomenon, and yet researchers in many countries seem unaware of other researchers doing identical or similar studies. Many times the wheel is reinvented because on current directory exists of the studies that have been conducted.

This book/CD and on-line service can be used as a tool by those who wish to begin research on prostitution. They will be able to access information and methodology used by others to assist them in developing better research strategy. Rather than discourage new research, such a directory can aid those who wish to do advanced studies after reviewing the findings of previous studies.

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