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This is a sex worker organizations link page- and links to other sites and articles relating to this topic

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Welcome to our affiliated organizations and other sex work information links page
Trafficking- Forced labor issues

Consenting Adults vs. Children

Sex Work and Feminism

Pro and Con discussions
Activism by Sex Workers
Activism by those opposed to all forms of sex work
Religous views on sex work
Not all of our international affiliate sex worker organizations have websites. Click here to go to the contact information page for other sex worker organizations and allies.

Here you will find a link to some of the most interesting web sites on the planet! Many sex workers around the world are not only computer literate, but know their way around the internet and have designed some fascinating web pages. There are literally hundreds of locations worldwide to get information about sex work- we offer the best links to the most sex worker positive sites (Please note: this is NOT a referral service for professional relationships- something that we cannot and will not do- you will have to look elsewhere for that information).

The sites linked on this page were created by sex workers, students, academics, allies and supporters. We are also including links to websites of those individuals and groups who are militantly opposed to all forms of pornography and prostitution and are opposed to decriminalization of any form of consenting commercial sex, because we believe that the only way a truly valid discussion on these issues can take place is to have access to all points of view. We can almost 100% guarantee that you will not find links to us on THEIR sites! They do not want to include us in any discussions on this issue because intelligent, articulate sex workers scare the b.s. out of them! And there are plenty of intelligent, articulate sex workers around who are willing to discuss and debate the issues with them, whenever and wherever the anti's choose. (Let this serve as an open invitation to debate the issues with any of the anti-porn/ anti- prostitution activists out there!)

This information site is designed to help you better understand what the issues are, and to get to know what sex work is and who sex workers are (if you are not one) or, if you are a sex worker, we want you to know that you are not alone. If you know of any other sites relevant to sex work that we missed and want to share them with us, please e-mail us at:

Legend to the categories:
SWPS (Sex worker positive site) ASW-RELIG (Anti- sex work religious)
ASW-FEMO (anti- sex work- Feminist and others) AAFOSW (Allies and friends of Sex Workers)
SWOBSW (Sex Worker Organizations by sex workers) SWORPO (Sex Worker Outreach [and information] program offered by others)
SWORP-HSW (Sex Worker Outreach Programs-Health offered by sex workers) ROSW (Research on Sex Work/workers)
SWIS-SW (Sex worker information sites- sex worker run) SWIS-NSW (Sex worker information sites- non sex worker run)
ISWAP (Individual Sex Worker Activist Page) IAPA (Individual Anti ProstitutionActivist Page)
MISCSW-GP (Miscellaneous sex work related sites- generally positive OR NEUTRAL) MISCSW- HIS (Miscellaneous sex worker health information sites includes Harm Reduction organizations)
ARTICLE (Article(s) site link) SACSWID (Scholarly/ academic sex work information discussion)
ATRAFOGPSWR (Anti-Trafficking organization generally pro sex worker rights) ATRAFOAAP (Anti-Trafficking organization anti- any prostitution or porn)
NOPSW- RELIG (Neutral or positive toward sex workers- religious

WEBSITE URL [IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER] Links last checked 5/30/2004
(click on the link to go to that site and use your browers's back button to return to this page)
1 an HIV AIDS resource information center 1
2 Health HIV Prevention site information 2
3 Adult Industry Medical Health Care 3
4 Foundation for Research on Sexually Transmitted Diseases 4
5 San Francisco Sex- Red Light District information (historial) 5
7 Commercial Sex Information Site 7
8 Website for Carol Leigh (AKA Scarlot Harlot) 8
9 Prostitution Education Network 9
10 New Zealand Prostitutes' Collective 10
11 Exotic Dancers' Alliance San Francisco 11
12 Discussion on Prostitution issues 12
13 Magdalene Meretrix -author, activist 13
14 an interesting page on the subject of decrim 14
15 website for Dr. Annie Sprinkle 15
16 Sex Workers Alliance Vancouver 16
17 St. James Infirmary - Health care for sex workers San Fran. 17
18 Discussion- Legalizing the World's Oldest Profession 18
19 Network of Sex Work Projects 19
20 Health Care and Culture University Medical Center Amsterdam 20
21 The Red Thread- The Netherlands 21
22 Prostitution Information Center- Amsterdam 22
23 Sex Worker Organization in Victoria, Australia 23
24 World Charter for Prostitutes Rights 24
25 Sex Workers International Media Watch 25
26 Sex Workers Organization India 26
27 Sex Worker Education and Advocacy South Africa 27
28 Tapei Union of Legal and Illegal Prostitutes for Self Help 28
29 Zi Teng Sex Worker Organization Hong Kong and supporters 29
30 Italian Sex Workers Organization 30
31 International Union of Sex Workers UK 31
32 European Network Male Prostitution- Amsterdam/ The Netherlands 32
33 website for activist Hugh Gene Loebner 33
34 AIDS Project/ Prostitution The Netherlands 34
35 Health Outreach Project- The Netherlands 35
36 Mr. A. de Graaf Stichting Research/ The Netherlands 36
37 Sex Expert Website- Finland 37
38 Stella- Sex Worker Organization, Canada 38
39 National Coalition for Sexual Freedom USA 39
40 Prostitution Advocacy and Sex Study- Taiwan 40
41 Sexuality.Org Seattle, WA USA 41
42 COSWAS- Collective of Sex Workers and Supporters Taiwan
and supporters
43 Sex Worker Cyber Resource Center, Phoenix, AZ USA
Sexworkerpositive/ Christian perspective
44 Article on Prostitution, Adultery and Sexploitation by Kòmbò Mason Braide Ph.D. 44
45 Sexual Health Network 45
46 World Sex Guide- must be over 18 46
Article on prostitution
48 Anti- prostitution site 48
49 Safer Sex Site- Health related 49
50 Coalition for Positive Sexuality 50
51 Regional HIV AIDS Program Southern Africa 51
52 National Policy Foundation (Taiwan) article on prostitution "White Slavery vs. Sex Worker Rights"
negative article- sex workers have no rights
53 Cabiria: Community Health Project with Sex Workers- France 53
54 Belgium Resources for sex workers 54
55 European Network for HIV STD Prevention in Prostitution 55
56 Organization for Sex Workers in Latin America and the Carribean 56
57 EMPOWER- Sex Workers in Thailand 57
58 Pan American Health Information 58
59 Archival file of reports, articles health sex workers around the world
Health issues discussion
60 Labor Issues- Asia/ Global Labor issues 60
61 Solidarity and Action Against the HIV Infection in India-Health Prevention HIV AIDS 61
62 Sex Worker Demands Rights and Recognition- Cambodia
Excellent article- a must read for students
63 Medical Advocates for Social Justice/ Sex Workers
Generally pro- sex worker/ especially pro health
64 Sex Worker Organization India
65 Health Information Sex Workers Austria
health related site
66 National AIDS Control Organization, India -Health information
67 Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive- Washington DC
health, survival info
68 ATSA-AMMAR (Argentina Sex Workers Asociation) 68
69 HYDRA- German Sex Worker Organization 69
70 Madonna- Sex Worker Organization Health- Germany 70
71 Outreach organization that deals with migrant sex workers and trafficked persons in Austria 71
72 ADZON- Outreach service provider to male to male sex worker in Brussels 72
73 Article: Defining Pornography 73
74 Sex Worker Outreach Columbia 74
75 Transnational AIDS/STI Prevention Among Migrant Prostitutes in Europe Project -Health issues 75
76 International AIDS/ HIV Alliance 76
77 University California at San Francisco- Center for AIDS Prevention Studies- Article "What Are Sex Workers' HIV Prevention Needs?" 77
78 House of Women- For trafficked Asian women in Germany 78
79 Anti Slavery International- Based in the UK 79
80 End the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children- Thailand 80
81 Anti-Trafficking organization for the Baltic States (Europe) 81
82 La Strada Organization for Trafficked Women in the Ukraine, Czech republic, Belarus, Bulgaria, Poland, Macedonia, Moldova, Bosnia & Herzegovina 82
83 PAYOKE- Outreach organization for male and female sex workers in East and West Flanders, Belgium 83
84 Dr. Petra Boyton-Sex and Relationship Psychologist UK- Academic advisory board member ISWFACE 84
85 Sex Trade Opportunities for Risk Minimization- Minnesota USA 85
86 HOOK Online- By, For and About men in the sex industry- 86
87 Outreach projects for at-risk persons including sex workers 87
88 International Harm Reduction Association- People at risk for HIV/AIDS 88
89 Canadian Harm reduction outreach- drug users 89
90 Article on sex workers 90
91 Central and Eastern Europe Harm Reduction Network 91
92 Civil Liberties page- discusses rights issues for sex workers 92
93 National Task Force on Prostitution- Priscilla Alexander 93
94 PONY- Prostitutes Of New York 94
95 United Sex Professionals Finland 95
96 Sex Workers Organization- Sweden 96
97 Prostitute Counseling Center- Finland 97
98 Amnesty for Women- Trafficked women in Germany 98
99 Archive for forced prostitution of women and children- Europe 99
100 Sex Trade Advocacy and Research, Canada 100
101 Sex Workers Project- Urban Justice Center, New York 101
102 Tracy Quan- activist homepage 102
103 Coalition Against Trafficking in Women- anti-prostitution of any type denies that there is any such thing as voluntary or consenting prostitution 103
104 Donna M. Hughes- Anti-prostitution activist/ opposes decriminalization of consenting adult prostitution
virulently anti prostitution
105 Face to Face/ Women's rights organization- Anti- trafficking/ anti- prostitution organization 105
106 Friends of Maiti Nepal- Anti-trafficking organization 106
107 Human Trafficking Resource Center including commercial sex and other forced labor 107
108 International Justice Mission- A religious based anti-trafficking organization 108
109 Review of the best HIV/AIDS websites 109
110 Center for Disease Control- USA/ type in "sex workers" for articles on this topic
111 Asian Harm Reduction Network- Cambodia 111
112 American Foundation for AIDS Research Health information 112
113 AIDS Information and Support Center- Sex Workers Estonia 113
114 A site dedicated to the memory of serial killed sex workers
a touching tribute
115 Website for Xaviera Hollander- The Happy Hooker 115
116 Website for Norma Jean Almodovar, sex worker rights activist 116
117 Website for sex workers in Japan very nice site 117
118 Traditional Values Coalition Education and Legal Institute
are against all sex outside marriage 118
119 Sex Work Forum Archival Messages 119
120 National Coalition for Sexual Freedom 120
121 The Woodhull Freedom Foundation 121
122 Nevada Brothel Association website info regarding legal prostitution 122
123 Sex Worker Academy Bilingual (Japanese/ English) by Signor info sex workers in English and Japanese 123
124 Melissa Farley's website- Anti-prostitution activist/ opposes decriminalization of consenting adult prostitution for any reason
read more about her and her so called study on prostitutes on our articles pages 124
125 Sex Worker Outreach Project Australia 125
127 "Freedom and Justice Center for Prostitution Resources" Minneapolis- Volunteers of America (somehow I can't fathom how going to jail or being exposed to police corruption and extortion constitutes either freedom or justice....)
Makes no distinction between adult and child. forced and voluntary sex work 127
128 Sexual Freedom Coalition UK 128
129 Prostitution Resources
Charles L. Dreveskracht'sWEB SITE Criminal Justice & Legal Studies Department Northeastern State University TAHLEQUAH, OKLAHOMA 74464-2399
MISCSW-GP Takes a neutral position on the issues- fairly informative 129
130 Maxim Institute, New Zealand ANTI-SEX WORK 130
132 Coalition for the rights of sex workers 132
133 Emi Koyama- is a multi-issue social justice slut synthesizing feminist, Asian, survivor, dyke, queer, sex worker, intersex, genderqueer, and crip politics, as these factors, while not a complete descriptor of who she is, all impacted her life
Great site
134 GENNIFER M. HIRANO, asianprincess- sex worker activist
Check this out!
135 Sex Professionals of Canada 135
136 Author of City of Night, The Sexual Outlaw- John Rechy
recipient of the PEN-USA-West lifetime achievement award
137 Central de los Trabajadores Argentina 137
138 $pread Magazine- by and for sex workers
new magazine for sex workers- information and other great stuff
139 The Erotic Guild- The Canadian Guild for Erotic Labour
140 The Erotic Service Providers Union (San Francisco) 140
141 Articles in French and English against all sex work- "to protect us poor, stupid women from evil men and capitalism!"
Virulently anti sex work- English and French 141
142 John Lowman's Prostitution Research page (Canada)
excellent resource page
143 New Zealand discussion on prostitution
an intelligent theological discussions on prostitution
144 Trafficking in Persons and Worker Exploitation Task Force- US Department of Justice- you can find the "Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act 2000"
interesting and contradictory information on trafficking
145 Violence Against Women Online Resource
generally anti- sex work
146 Scarlet Alliance Australian Sex Workers Association Inc. 146


Sites we recommend for their outstanding value and information on this important issue


Commercial Sex Information Service (CSIS)- based in Canada, this extremely informative site gives information about the laws in Canada, some cultural history, art, and whore heros - a great site to visit for an afternoon

PENET (Prostitutes Education Network) is a comprehensive site with a vast amount of information about sex work- from health and safety, law reform to art and creative media, organizations, resources, bibliography and more. Contact: Carol Leigh

ONLINE DISCUSSION OF PROSTITUTION- we discovered this site where an academic/feminist discussion of prostitution is or was taking place. Some interesting letters and comments.

THE HAPPY HOOKER- Xaviera Hollander, internationally infamous madam whose racy book rocked the world and sent many young men and women into orgasmic fantasy as she described her decadent New York life catering to the rich and famous long before the Mayflower Madam.

EXOTIC DANCERS ALLIANCE Otherwise known as the EDA, the Exotic Dancers Alliance is the union for exotic dancers which went to court and won some basic worker rights for their industry.