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Information about our online gallery, museum and literature by and about sex workers past and present from around the world
Our website at a glance Becoming Self- Sufficient
Educational and Cultural Material Marketing products from artwork
Information is the key to knowledge
Knowledge is the key to change

Thanks to the advancements in computer technology and the ease of internet access as well as the lower prices for equipment, it is no longer a far-fetched idea to create the type of international educational, artistic and cultural web site that we envision.

We intend to utilize this technology to the maximum. Through our cyberspace gallery, museum and library, which will be available to anyone anywhere in the world with a computer and modem, we anticipate being able to post the most current legal information and medical research findings related to this issue. The benefit of providing such access to information will mean the difference, literally, between life and death for sex workers in some parts of the world. It is critical that accurate, timely information be shared with those in positions of authority, whether their field is health or law, outreach or rehabilitation.

In addition to the library of articles, bibliography and other educational information, our web site will be a permanent gallery for the many works of art, photographs and poetry by and about sex workers from around the world.

Our web site at a glance:

Becoming self-sufficient

Historically, the public fascination with prostitutes and prostitution has proven to be highly marketable to those who capitalize on it. Usually the exploitation of this interest is done by others and not prostitutes, and the financial rewards have seldom gone to those whom the public finds so interesting. ISWFACE offers sex workers a unique opportunity to change this situation.

Our goal is to establish a long term marketing plan to raise money for our projects through the marketing of products created from our art, rather than rely solely on grants and donations. We will explore new sales opportunities through our on-line gift emporium on our web site which will allow us access to potential buyers in many countries and in areas we could not otherwise reach.

In conjunction with the cultural exhibits we propose to mass produce and vend the following listed [but not limited to] items, based on the art work, photography and poetry from the exhibit and other work submitted to or created by current and former prostitutes, as is appropriate and with permission of author(s) or creator(s);

Educational and Cultural Material

(1) Reprints of Research Reports, sex worker organization literature (safe sex, what their rights are, what the laws are, etc.)

(2) Bimonthly magazine spotlighting (current, ex and transitioning) sex worker artists, recent research, poetry, information about upcoming art exhibits, etc.

(3) video and audio tapes such as

documentaries done by and about sex workers
tapes of conference sessions (audio and video)
candid interviews with sex workers (for researchers and academics)

(4) CD rom

International Resource Directory on CD
any of the above information suitable for CD transfer

(5) Books

International Resource Directory
Anthologies by sex workers
Books of poetry
Books based on the art exhibits
Other books, fiction and non-fiction by and about sex workers

Marketing products created from the artwork of sex workers
available in our giftstore

note/post, greeting cards, bookmarks
bumper stickers
craft reproductions
tote bags
key chains
sports bottles
coffee mugs
deck of cards
stationery, matching envelopes
hooker bears w/ t-shirts
computer mouse pads and screen savers
CD roms of music, entertaining audio/ video tapes or other created by sex workers
any other possible reproduction in any form now or in the future existing

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