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Prostitutes Demand Protection After Killings

Sex workers in China fight for their rights- "A group of prostitutes, wearing masks and hats to conceal their identity, marched into Hong Kong police headquarters to protest about increasing risks to their safety. They want laws passed to protect sex workers from violent offenders.

After a string of murders in Hong Kong, police have arrested a Pakistani male. The city has been on alert since the deaths of four prostitutes, and the case has brought attention to their safety.

[Steve Lee, Senior Superintendent, Hong Kong Police]:
"We have arrested a Pakistani male at Sheung Wan the Hong Kong-Macau ferry pier at the time of the arrest. We were able to recover two mobile phones which had been stolen from the two victims. At the moment the arrested person is being detained for further inquiries. We believe that at some point later we will initiate criminal proceedings."

Over the last few days, police brought out the murder victims in a gruesome spectacle, under the glare of the media. Experts say Hong Kong is home to at least 100,000 prostitutes.

Their campaign group says that, although they break no laws, their trade is increasingly dangerous, and the police are turning a blind eye.

One prostitute, who was robbed recently, said she aims to be careful, but tries not to make trades with 'strange' customers - a difficult judgment to make in such a furtive business."

ISWFACE Comments: Sounds just like the USA... cops here also turn a blind eye to the murders, rapes and robberies of prostitutes... but they continue to arrest us and put us in jail for our own good!

New Video from The Peach:

This is the third in a trilogy of videos she did on the issue of prostitution. Great work!


Scarlot Harlot TV

Dee Dee Russell & Scarlot Harlot present Yes Means Yes. No Means No.

Carol Leigh's exciting video projects with some fantastic sex workers and their clients:


Great Videos by The Peach on prostitution


In Our Own Words

These are some amazing videos by sex workers in their own words! Completely blows away the theory that we are all uneducated, illiterate people who have no other choices!

Making Sex Work :

Who says sex workers can't speak for themselves? Of course we can! And maybe you ought to listen to us because we have something to say about ourselves and our lives and the way we are treated by so called feminists who seem to think they have the right to impose their views on us because they know better than we do what sex work is about.




Minnie Clips goes to the Desiree Alliance Conference 2010

See all her clips at: http://www.youtube.com/user/minnieclips

Desiree Allliance Conference July 2010

Norma Jean Almodovar presentatioin

Salty... still hot under the collar.. got a lot to say and doesn't hesitate to say it!


Desiree Alliance Conference July 2010

Dr. Joycelyn Elders

Former US Surgeon General- she was fired to speaking her mind about condoms and masturbation... making a presentation at a conference of sex workers would get her fired all over again! Bravo, Dr. Elders, for your courage to speak up about safe sex and decriminalizing sex work so that all sex workers can work safely and not be arrested because they are carrying condoms! Thank you SO much!


SANGRAM: Sex Worker Organizing in India:

Neither Victims nor Voiceless

A video of sex workers in India discussing their lives and their fight to be recognized as competent humans with the ability to speak FOR THEMSELVES...

from the website of Audacia Ray


The Swedish Model
(Also known as the radical feminists ideal for all countries- and the worst solution for sex workers)

Why won't these feminists listen to our voices? Why do they want to punish those of us who refuse their rescuing? Those of us who do not believe we are victims as sex workers- although we are indeed victims of the stupidity of the laws and those who pass them!

Royal College of Nursing vs Criminalisation of Sex Workers

What Health Care workers say about bad laws imposed on sex workers- the punitive nature of the prohibition of prostitution, which does nothing to "help" those whom the laws are supposedly intended to help.

My Life, My Work, My Choice

from sexworkerspresent
Videos made by sex workers from around the world! Sex workers give their perspectives on laws, and policies, share their views and tell ..

I am a sex worker...

sex workers are not just the poor, drug addicted street worker and these sex workers are very proud to come out and be known as sex workers. With all the evidence that many adult men, women and transgendered people choose to engage in sex work, why won't the anti- prostitution folks permit our voices to be heard and allow us to be part of the discussion about our lives?

Cambodia- the results of the anti- trafficking movement

Dilemma- caught between the tiger and the crocodile- what really happens when the anti trafficking movement "rescues" sex workers in Asian countries... Not what you'd expect! Unfortunately, it is exactly what we expect!

Anti-trafficking: Cambodia the reality

You think that the cops are the good guys who will protect the sex workers they "rescue"? Well not according to the sex workers who are their victims... the results of the anti-trafficking movement are the unexpected consequences of bad laws... unexpected to the anti- traffickers, perhaps, but not unexpected to those of us who know what really happens when these laws are enforced.

Street Survivor

is a portrait of a hooker and the cop who arrested her...

No Exit News- MTV and the trafficking law in Cambodia

A response by Sex workers to the MTV campaign against trafficking and exploitation... the worst exploitation comes at the hands of those who 'rescue' sex workers!

New Guidance on HIV and Sex Work

Save us from Saviours- from the 2007 Global working group on HIV and Sex Work Policy- held in India

Prostitution Union in Amsterdam

The Red Thread (de Rode Draad)- is the union for sex workers in The Netherlands.

Sex Workers of India

Visuals of sex workers in India- no words, just images.

Sex works issues... Karnataka, India

Very good video- discusses the issues that
sex workers encounter in India

Sex workers in India set up their
own social security fund

Very good video about the wonderful sex workers in Calcutta

Prabakar, working for SIAAP, explains how sex workers set up their own savings fund to be able to manage financial insecurity...

Robyn Few - a sex worker coming out of the closet

Founder of SWOP USA (Sex Worker Outreach Program)

One of the more outspoken and public sex workers, Robyn was arrested by the Feds during a sting operation which commenced on September 11, 2001. Were the Feds too busy setting up prostitutes and madams to worry about the 9/11 terrorists?

"Empowerment or Exploitation:
Life as a Sex Worker"

Promo for Peralta TV

The lives of sex-workers-

Discussion about the Eliot Spitzer case

More videos to follow.

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