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Information for Sex Workers

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Volume I Number 5 June 2004
Table of Contents:

Introduction by Norma Jean Almodovar, Founder

How and why ISWFACE began
What about the art and culture?
What is our purpose?

Section 1

What are the benefits?

Section 2

Our Goals

Section 3

How we will achieve our goals
Part I- International Art Exhibit
What is ISWACC
Part II- Forming our own publishing and production company
Part III- Providing educational and cultural services

Section 4

What services we will provide
Part I- To the Sex Worker
Part II- To the public
Part III- To the Academic/Researcher
Part IV- Other Recipients

Section 5

What products we will offer

Section 6

Sex Worker Involvement
Part I- Joining ISWFACE
membership requirements
reasons for revocation
what membership offers
membership dues/fees

Part II - ISWFACE- Field Directors

Regional committees- duties and responsibilities

Section 7

How to apply for funding
Part I- Basic information for all applicants
Part II- Funding and application requirements
Part III- What types of projects we will fund
Part IV- Scholarships and sponsorships
Part V- Emergency fund

Section 8

Okay, who are we?
About the Board of Directors

And Finally. . . .

Important Notice

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