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Legend for articles:
DS -Decriminalization series ACAA-Academic article- anti (sex work) SWH- Sex Worker Health
APR- Anti-Prostitution- Religious MPSW- Miscellaneous pro sex worker SWHR- Sex Worker Human Rights/Trafficking
APF- Anti prostitution- feminist ACAP- Academic article- pro PPR- Pro Prostitution-Religious
ARTICLE # ARTICLE INDEX (Where hilighted the document is available as text as well as PDF)
Description and/or source
DS0001 THE GLOBAL TRAFFICKING IN CHILDREN AND YOUNG GIRLS IS TO PROSTITUTION WHAT CHILD BRIDES AND SPOUSAL ABUSE ARE TO MARRIAGE: What is the truth behind the media (and radical feminist ) hype and what should we do about prostitution?
brochure format
Argues for Decriminalization of prostitution: ISWFACE
IN THE US GOVERNMENT’S WAR AGAINST PROSTITUTION AND PORNOGRAPHY..... sex workers are out-numbered and out-gunned... and wondering, where are our allies?
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Argues for Decriminalization of prostitution: ISWFACE
DS0003 WHO WILL RESCUE US FROM THOSE WHO WISH TO RESCUE US AGAINST OUR WILL? The Bush Administration's ill-advised efforts to rescue prostitutes who do not wish to be rescued from earning their living
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Argues for Decriminalization of prostitution: ISWFACE

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A self-timed presentation

EXPOSED: THE NEXT PHASE OF THE HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA: Homosexual activists are now pushing for legalization of public sex in restrooms and parks; abolishing 'age of consent' laws, and legalizing prostitution attacks efforts by groups to legalize (decrim) prostitution and other victimless sex acts:Traditional Values Coalition

COMMERCIAL SEX WORKER:Harm Reduction Initiative Project Directory (available as pdf only) Open Society Institute publication

Risk, Morality, and Blame: A Critical Analysis of Government and U.S. Donor Responses to HIV Infections Among Sex Workers in India (available as pdf only) Center for Health and Gender Equity

The Psychosocial Context of Sex Work: Report on the Formative Assessment for the Zambia Cross Border Initiative (available as pdf only) Wendy Fisher September, 2003

DEBUNKING THE MYTHS IN THE U.S. GLOBAL AIDS STRATEGY: AN EVIDENCE-BASED ANALYSIS (available as pdf only) Center for Health and Gender Equity

Sex work, HIV/AIDS, public health human rights (available as pdf only) Research for Sex Work- Dec. 2003

National Association of Social Workers (NASW) resolution on policy toward sex work
Lacey M. Sloan, Ph.D., MSSW, BSW
Stephanie Wahab, Ph.D., MSW

Morality in new policies addressing trafficking and sex work:Trafficked Persons Rights Project (available as pdf only) Presented at “Women Working to Make a Difference,” IWPR’s Seventh International
Women’s Policy Research Conference, June 2003

Commercial Sex and the Rights of the Person: A Moral Argument for the Decriminalization of Prostitution-
Reprinted from the University of Pennsylvania Law Review Vil. 127. No 1195, May 1979
Prof. David A. J. Richards- (NY)

Of Human Bondage: A coalition against human trafficking worked well until a prostitution litmus test was imposed. November 1, 2004
By Tara McKelvey, The American Prospect
SWHR0002 SWHR0002.pdf by Kerwin Kaye
SWHR0003 SWHR0003.pdf by Alison Murray, Research Fellow, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies

By McKenzie Zeiss

Good Intentions Can Do Harm
Korea Times, December 13, 2004
By Sealing Cheng

Prostitution, Feminism and Critical Praxis: Profession Prostitute?
The Austrian Journal of Sociology, special edition on Work and Society, edited by Johanna Hofbauer and Jorg Flecker, winter 1996
Dr. Maggie O'Neill
"White Slavery" As Metaphor- Anatomy of a Moral Panic
Ex Post Facto: The History Journal 1996 - Volume V
History Department, San Francisco State University
Mary Ann Irwin

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