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This information is presented for the purpose of allowing members and supporters to contact sex worker activists in their region, and for the media and students interested in this important social issue. Please do not contact any of these groups for information on obtaining the services of sex workers, or for information on how to get into any field of sex work.

Click on link to the geographical region listed below for contact information to affiliate organizations, allies, health services and other information related to sex work. Each region has its own section on newsletters, upcoming events and projects, which are also listed in the affiliate organizations/ upcoming events page.
[6-13-2004] but will be very soon.
Please check back in July.
The voices of all sex workers are important to us, whether or not they had a positive experience in sex work. We do not presume to speak for all sex workers because we believe that sex workers can speak for themselves. We realize that there are groups out there who do not believe that sex workers can or should speak for themselves and that some voices, like ours, should not be heard.
Unlike those who oppose organizations and activists like us, we present all sides of this issue, including the opinions of those who oppose the decriminalization of consenting adult prostitution and who similarly advocate the criminalization of all forms of sex work. We believe that it is only by presenting all arguments on this topic that an honest and real dialogue can begin, and only in this way can the reader form his or her own valid conclusions regarding what the future of sex work and sex workers ought to be. Those who exclude the voices of sex work positive individuals are not being honest with themselves or with the public, falsely claiming that those who are sex work positive are 'pro-slavery' 'pro- trafficking' and other such nonsense.